About Me

Hello. I'm Ian...

I am a web developer based in the Boston area attempting to learn more about computers, programming, the web, design, and life. Just figuring it out... one day at a time. I learn something new every day and, if I can, share what I have learned with others.

My Experience


Front End Developer

I provide quality, standards-compliant code for the user experience of the Buildium web applications. This includes both browser code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and server-side code (ASP.NET web pages and controls). Leverage and enhance common Buildium-wide code for my team. I am also to maintain css across all Buildium apps, ensure the quality of html and javascript, and provide thoughtful, forward thinking guidance for enhancing existing code.

I also contribute throughout the entire development lifecycle on my team. Including research, designing wireframes, designing full screen comps, as well as writing specifications of features. During the discovery portion of the lifecycle I also help by conducting user research with a variety of techniques including moderated one on one tests, usability tests using online services with real users, and past and live analytics to determine the worth of a potential new or modified feature.

In addition, I also assist in the hiring process for Front end dev candidates at Buildium. I contribute by reviewing candidates resumes, performing in person technical interviews as well as remotely for our India office, reviewing technical assessment exercises submitted by applicants, preparing technical materials to cover in the interviews, and providing feedback to the hiring manager.


Web Application Developer

Work part of the team responsible for designing, developing and maintaining TSD's core web-based products. Developing Software as a Service (SaaS) applications for the vehicle rental and dealership industries. My task set also includes consolidated, n-tier development producing scalable and enterprise class products, as well as corporate portal services for our Corporate clients, allowing them to see a high level view of the success or challenges facing their individual operators. Working directly with business development teams during project envisioning (e.g. proposal generation, statements of work, RFP/RFQ creation and delivery) to design the best solution for the given requirements, and provide reasonably accurate estimates for projects.


Web Application Developer

Work on development of new products for web and mobile devices as well as maintain existing products. Duties include C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, WCF, PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS, and Classic ASP development for various products. Migration of Classic ASP to ASP.Net as well as enforcing a higher level of programming standards, implementing source control, performance / security enhancement to previous generation products.

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